BALMAIN Hair Couture Barrette Pour Cheveux Medium Tortoise


Barrette Pour Cheveux Medium Tortoise by BALMAIN HAIR COUTURE

A luxurious hand crafted medium hair barrette made from durable cellulose acetate designed with the Balmain’s signature 14K gold plated “B” logo.

The extremely strong yet flexible material is hypoallergenic and gentle to the hair and scalp.

The hair accessory features a high quality genuine French clip underneath the barrette to ensure perfect grip on the hair and can be worn to hold hair back from the face, adorn a ponytail or enhance an up-do.

  • Luxurious High quality Handcrafted barrette
  • Designed with 18K gold plated logo emblem
  • Perfect for fine and normal hair 


Inspired by Balmain’s rich couture heritage and relying on nothing but the finest materials, craftsmen and design, Balmain Hair Couture created “Les Accessoires”, an iconic hair accessory line.

The hairpieces in the “Les Accessoires” collection are entirely handcrafted by using traditional techniques.

Every single item in this collection features the signature golden detailing.

This returning design element can be found in all Balmain Paris collections.

The medium hair barrette of Balmain Hair Couture complements a wide range of styles and is an easy way to elevate your look.

Create a half-updo or low ponytail with it or just use it as an adornment.

How to use

Create a low ponytail and fixate with the hair barrette.

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