BALMAIN Hair Couture Illuminating Shampoo White Pearl


Illuminating Shampoo White Pearl x 300 ml by BALMAIN HAIR COUTURE

Illuminating cleansing shampoo for blonde or highlighted hair. Brightens the hair colour and corrects brassiness, without making the hair grey. For shinier hair with the glow of a white pearl.

Banish brassiness
Maintains blonde and highlighted hair
Adds shine
Bleached blonde or highlighted hair is high-maintenance and requires continual touch-ups.

To counteract unwanted warm tones, deeply pigmented violet enriched products are required in between colour services.

The Balmain Illuminating Shampoo White Pearl, enriched with pure violet pigments, helps to refract unwanted warm tones and brightens the hair colour.

The silver shampoo gently cleanses, while providing optimal hydration to the hair.

Especially developed for ash blonde and highlighted hair.

Infused with the signature blend of Argan Elixir and Silk Protein to repair the hair from within.

Brightens and refreshes blonde or highlighted hair without making the hair grey
Corrects unwanted brassiness and yellow tones

Leaves a vibrant crystal white colour

How to use

Apply to wet hair, massage softly and leave in for at least 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly.
Repeat the treatment until the desired result is reached. Due to the permanent brightening effect which can’t be washed out, excessive use is not recommended. Do not use the hair lightener on skin or clothes.

Backstage secret

Use The Illuminating Shampoo in combination with the Ash Toner to maintain the correct hair colour in between colour services.

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