Kevin Murphy Repair-Me.Wash Shampoo x 250 ml



Nourish overtaxed hair back to life, and make dry, damaged, frizzy over-processed hair a thing of the past with a little help from REPAIR-ME.WASH. Prepare to renew and restore frazzled locks with Kevin Murphy's reconstructing treatment shampoo enriched with powerful proteins and amino acids. Repair Me Wash will help to strengthen the hair from root to tip, while gently removing impurities and soothing damage.


  • A power-packed blend of proteins and enzymes
  • Helps nourish, restore and replenish the hair
  • Helps hair look and feel smoother and stronger
  • Provides a boost of essential moisture
  • Ideal for all hair types in need of targeted repair
  • Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free


WASH. RINSE. REPEAT – Apply to wet hair and massage gently through the hair and scalp. Rinse. Follow with REPAIR-ME.RINSE. Can be used daily, and as part of our REPAIR regimen.

Note: You might not need to wash your hair daily, but remember to always use REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE for two consecutive washes even if they are apart, and then replace both with RE.STORE for the third wash.

Key Ingredients

Bromelain is an enzyme from the Pineapple that has the ability to penetrate the hair and provide targeted nutrition without weighing the hair down.

Another powerful enzyme, Papain is from the Papaya, and is known to help unlock and boost the potency of other ingredients that work to bind moisture and improve hair’s overall elasticity.

A superfood rich in Amino Acids, Green Pea Protein delivers intense hydration to help nourish and replenish the hair.

Richly conditioning and moisturising, Silk Amino Acids help to improve hydration and draw in moisture for hair that appears more flexible, manageable and softer.

Packed with an abundance of antioxidant and vitamin goodness, Bamboo Extract is also a rich source of mineral nourishment and a key ingredient to help protect the integrity of hair health. Adds a natural-looking shine and lustre to the hair.


Part of Kevin Murphy's REPAIR regimen, REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE are a must-have duo for intense repair – you can either use them as a hardworking, stand-alone double act to repair and restore frazzled locks or as part of Kevin Murphy's 3 part system with RE.STORE. What excites me about REPAIR-ME is the technology, which encapsulates a protein inside an enzyme, which then keeps the protein in a lipid or ‘softened state’. This helps keep the protein soft and wobbly, which allows it to fit within the damage site exactly – a little bit like a key fits inside a lock – the end result from these ‘soft’ proteins is soft, soothed, repaired hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Yienisha Abeyratne
Best shampoo I used so far

This shampoo was recommended by my hairstylist. I have very dry bleached hair. The shampoo and conditioner does wonders

Aoife Cummins
Worth the splurge!

This shampoo had been recommended to me by my stylist and I am so incredibly happy that I bit the bullet and went for it. I usually use a mid range professional shampoo (25$ per bottle) but I couldn’t believe the difference in my hair after just one wash. My hair was very dry from highlights and winter weather but straight away it was smoother and hydrated. Even when I let it dry naturally it’s gone from frizzy and dry to smooth and silky. This will be a staple for me from now on.

Greg Montcalm
Hair care

Great product. Repairs old hair.

Kate Partridge
Love it

This is a beautiful shampoo. I have fine, curly hair and it is just the right amount of moisture.

Valerie Boulet

Kevin Murphy Repair-Me.Wash Shampoo x 250 ml

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