DS Laboratories Hair Loss Kit DELUXE


DS Laboratories Hair Loss Kit DELUXE

The Hair loss kit includes Revita Shampoo, Revita Conditioner, Spectral DNC-N 60 ml, Revita 30 Tablets for Hair Growth Support.


Revita®: Your Ultimate Solution to Thicker, Healthier Hair


Revita® isn't just another shampoo – it's a cutting-edge formula that redefines what premium hair care can achieve.

Designed to enhance both the health and appearance of your hair, Revita® combines advanced amino acids, proteins, and botanicals to promote thicker, longer-lasting hair that looks and feels healthier.

This high-tech shampoo gently cleanses while strengthening hair from root to tip, significantly boosting volume and improving overall hair performance.

Its breakthrough complex includes caffeine, ketoconazole, and natural ingredients that not only enhance thickness and density but also extend the hair lifecycle.

By removing scalp impurities and fortifying strands internally, Revita® leaves you with fuller, stronger hair that exudes health and vitality.


Revita Conditioner®: Elevate Your Hair Care Routine

Complementing the effectiveness of Revita® Shampoo, Revita Conditioner® represents the pinnacle of biotechnical research in hair care.

Infused with a luxurious blend of caffeine, ketoconazole, keratin, proteins, and botanicals, this advanced formula delivers visibly thicker and fuller-looking hair.

Not only does it support a healthy scalp with stimulating and nourishing effects, but it also provides powerful moisturization that conditions and hydrates hair, ensuring long-lasting moisture, control, and styleability.

Revita Conditioner® is your go-to solution for maintaining radiant, healthy hair that stands out.


Revita® Anti-Hair Loss Tablets®: Supporting Hair Growth from Within

For a comprehensive approach to combating hair loss, Revita® Anti-Hair Loss Tablets® offer a targeted dietary supplement.

These tablets address all factors related to alopecia, including oxidative damage, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances, providing essential nutritional support to fortify hair growth and prevent further loss.


Spectral.DNC-N®: Advanced Serum for Revitalized Hair

Developed specifically for men dealing with compromised hair, Spectral.DNC-N® represents a revolutionary breakthrough in hair care technology from DS Laboratories.

This revitalizing anti-aging serum not only stimulates hair and scalp health but also delivers key ingredients for optimal benefits. Featuring the innovative Nanoxidil™, Spectral.DNC-N® is designed to rejuvenate and protect hair against the signs of aging.


DS Laboratories: Innovating Hair Care with Precision Strategies

Understanding the root causes of hair loss is crucial to DS Laboratories' approach. Here’s how they tackle each factor:

- Aging: DS Labs utilizes L-cysteine and Nanoxidil to counteract the loss of crucial nutrients and promote protein synthesis critical for aging hair.

- Genetics: With potent DHT blockers like Zinc, Genestein, and Caffeine, DS Labs helps support hair follicles, enhance growth, and mitigate genetic predispositions to hair loss.

- Stress & Lifestyle: Incorporating Ashwagandha and Superoxide Dismutase, DS Labs manages cortisol levels, protects follicles from stress-induced damage, and defends against environmental factors that impact hair health.

- Metabolism & Nutrition: By incorporating Alfalfa Extract and Turmeric, DS Labs ensures hair follicles receive essential nutrients for optimal growth, combating the effects of dietary changes on hair metabolism.

With DS Laboratories’ meticulous approach and innovative products like Revita® and Spectral.DNC-N®, individuals can take control of their hair health and confidently face the challenges of hair loss head-on.

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