DS Laboratories Revita Kit Shampoo + Conditioner 925 ml


DS Laboratories Revita Kit Shampoo + Conditioner 925 ml by DS LABORATORIES

Revita® shampoo is your go-to for tackling hair loss and thinning.

Whether you're a man or woman worried about losing hair, Revita® strengthens your hair, increases density, and enhances overall appearance.

Studies show it stimulates faster hair growth and regrowth, thanks to powerful ingredients like ketoconazole, caffeine, and biotin.

It's hypoallergenic and suitable for all hair types.


Revita® Conditioner:

If you're dealing with hair loss or thinning, Revita® Conditioner is your solution.

Beyond conditioning, it fights male and female pattern baldness with its advanced formula.

It not only improves body, texture, and shine but also strengthens hair and boosts density.

Experience faster hair growth and regrowth after episodes of hair loss with this high-performance conditioner.


DS Laboratories' Approach to Hair Loss: Cause > Impact > Strategy:

Aging: As we age, we lose essential nutrients crucial for hair strength and growth.

Strategy: DS Labs incorporates L-cysteine to promote new protein synthesis and Nanoxidil for hair regrowth.


Genetics: Genetic predisposition and hormones like DHT contribute to hair loss.

Strategy: DS Labs uses DHT blockers such as Zinc, Genestein, and Caffeine to support hair follicles and prevent hair thinning.


Stress & Lifestyle: Stress disrupts the hair growth cycle, while lifestyle factors like poor sleep weaken hair follicles.

Strategy: Ashwagandha manages cortisol levels and protects follicles, while Superoxide Dismutase guards against stress-related damage.


Metabolism & Nutrition: Changes in diet impact metabolism, affecting hair follicle health.

Strategy: DS Labs includes Alfalfa Extract for its rich vitamins and Turmeric to support cellular metabolism, aiding in hair growth.


This approach by DS Laboratories addresses various causes of hair loss, providing tailored solutions to maintain healthy hair growth and combat thinning effectively.

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