Iles Formula Conditioner Haute Performance


Conditioner Haute Performance by ILES FORMULA

The jewel of the ILES FORMULA haircare line is the CONDITIONER.

It is the raison d’être for the entire collection.

This paraben free formula instantly transforms damaged, straw like hair into sumptuous spun silk perfection.

Put to the test on today’s biggest celebrities and on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers - ILES FORMULA repairs and revitalizes even the most damaged hair instantly.

Knots and tangles slide away leaving hair beautifully healthy, with a delicate perfume of white flowers.

Silk from Japan create an immediate voluptuous effect on the hair.

The addition of high technology aids to instantly close down the hair cuticles to create a beautiful smooth surface.

Tucuma Palm and the seeds of the Macrobola Tree are sourced from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, as well as 16 other propriety ingredients including Vitamin E and B5 for total hair rejuvenation.

Keratin / Brazilian Blow-out Safe - Paraben and Sulfate Free


Iles Advice


After using the Iles Formula shampoo apply the Iles Formula conditioner.

Apply the conditioner to mid length and ends of the hair, then comb through for even distribution.

The comb is the vehicle that will deliver to the roots precisely what is needed. Rinse.

Think of this conditioner as nutrition for the hair, a little residue left in the ends of brittle dry hair won’t harm, it will feed the hair with nothing but goodness.

Apply to mid lengths and ends than comb through for even distribution.


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Frequently asked questions

How is it best to use the Conditioner?

The Conditioner is our jewel and INSTANTLY repairs all hair texture to soft silk. The key is to comb the conditioner through to ensure even distribution. If you don't have a wide tooth comb please use a wet brush to comb the conditioner through your hair. Iles conditioner heals hair by closing the hair cuticles tightly without coating it like traditional conditioners, nor leaving harmful residues like protein or keratin. Its performance is phenomenal.

What type of hair is Iles Formula suitable for?

Iles products are perfect for ALL hair types.

Will Iles Formula help thin, fine hair?
Yes. Iles Formula will never weigh your hair down. In fact, by using our 3 award winning formulas, the Shampoo + Conditioner + Finishing Serum, fine hair will gain body and appear thicker and fuller. The results are immediate and right after the first treatment your hair will not only look great but also feel great. The Iles Formula Hair Mask has also been formulated not to weigh the hair down. It's performance is to nurture and strengthen hair and scalp without leaving any residue behind so it's perfect for even the finest of hair.

Are the formulas safe for colour treated or bleached hair?

Yes, Iles formulas were born to nurture and repair all types of hair. The more damaged the more phenomenal the performance! The root extract in our Shampoo buffs over damaged porosity bars on the hair shaft which are particularly common in colored hair. The Iles Formula Conditioner is essential in repairing any damage as it locks the outer hair shaft and instantly detangles hair. The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is protection for your hair and contains UV filters to maintain your colour while leaving hair vibrant and healthy.

Is Iles Formula suitable for extensions, including human hair extensions?

Yes. Iles Formula is phenomenal on all hair extensions. We have some of the best extension salons using and selling Iles Formula as home care for their clients. As your extensions age, they will begin to feel rough and dry. Iles Formula transforms this hair to sumptuous silk. The best and most complete nurture system is the Signature Collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kelsey Clohossey
The best conditioner for my wild curly hair

This conditioner is my absolute favourite!! It immediately removes tangles, feelings of brittle/dryness and makes my very long & curly hair feel like silk. I have tried so many different expensive salon brands but keep coming back to this one. It completely changes my hair. The smell is also very nice :)

Sandi Johnson
My favorite conditioner

I have been using this product for years! So glad Shama carries it

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