Iles Formula Curl Revive Haute Performance


Curl Revive Haute Performance x 200 ml by ILES FORMULA

For Curly + Wavy + Thick + Coarse Hair Textures

For all Curl + Textured Hair Types + Asian Extensions + Keratin Treated Hair.


・Protective Styling (Heated Tools + UV + Colour Fade + Humidity)
・Delivers a weightier, cashmere finish.
・Can be applied to wet + dry hair.

Iles Formula’s supercharged styling serum delivers results.

Curls are defined and coarse straight hair becomes more manageable with a nourished texture during or after blowdrying.

Protects against Heat Damage + UV + Humidity and Colour from fading.

Formulated with raw, virgin, sustainably sourced ingredients, combined with science at the highest level, to give you the best that nature has to offer while keeping the hair healthy and protected.

Bespoke, allergen-free perfume of White Tea Flower.

Silicone Free + Paraben Free


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How to use

Pre-Iles Formula Curl Revive Application:

・Cleanse + Condition. Comb through.
・Rinse the Conditioner in a downward direction.
・Squeeze excess water out of the hair with an Iles Formula Hair Turban to minimize further friction to curls.

Iles Formula Curl Revive Application:

・Apply liberally throughout curls.
・Diffuse or allow to dry naturally.
・Refresh curls the next day by applying a mist of water followed by the Iles Formula Curl Revive.

For Straight Hair:

・Apply to mid lengths and ends and blow dry as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between curl revive and the finishing serum?

Both are serums that protect the hair against heated tools and have UV filters to protect against colour fade and humidity without ever weighing the hair down. The Finishing Serum delivers a lighter silky effect, excellent if blow dried into fine, thin hair as it will make the hair feel and look thicker. The Curl Revive delivers a weightier, cashmere effect to the hair so is ideal for all curl, wave and textured hair. It also works very well for thick, coarse Indian, Asian and chemically straightened hair. One can also cocktail these serums. For example, someone with extensions would use the Finishing Serum on the their thin, fine, natural hair and the Curl Revive on their extensions.

How is it best to use the Curl Revive?

The most important part of the shower process with curls is not to disrupt the curl too much. Once you've completed the Shampoo step, apply the Conditioner and comb the curls through to remove any tangles and knots in the parting you wish as this will be the last chance you have to comb your curls until dry. Stand under the shower and let the water roll through the hair in a downward direction to rinse the Conditioner so as not to add friction and avoid frizz. Apply our Turban Towel to gently squeeze out water without friction. Remove the towel, spray Curl Revive liberally through the hair and gently work it through the curls with your fingers. Let it dry naturally and do not touch until dry. Then use a wide tooth comb or fingers to manipulate the hair afterwards. Your curls will be perfectly formed and phenomenal.

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