Kerastase Blonde Absolu Cicaplasme

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Blonde Absolu Cicaplasme Hair Serum x 150 ml by Kerastase

A fortifying heat-protecting serum for all blonde hair types.

Use it on wet or dry hair. Either during the day or overnight for smooth, protected, ultra-soft hair and colour stability.


Benefits of the hair serum

Serum Cicaplasme is an opalescent heat protection serum with violet correcting pigments. It acts as a anti frizzy hair treatment for sensitized blondes, grey, highlighted and lightened hair.


Enriched with hyaluronic acid for hair and Edelweiss flower, Cicaplasme seals split ends while smoothing the hair fiber.

As a heat protection serum, Cicaplasme provides heat protection for up to 230°C.


This hair serum deals perfectly with frizziness. While also providing great nutrition to coloured hair.


It contains UV filters to protect against daily oxidation and pollution deposits.

  • Leaves hair 97% stronger.
  • Provides immediate and 24 hours long-lasting frizz control even in high conditions of humidity.
  • Protects from heat up to 230°C.
  • Prevents pollution from redepositing on hair.
  • UV filters protect lightened hair from daily oxidation. And also from sun light exposure.

Ingredients of the Kerastase Blonde Absolu Cicaplasme

A unique combination of potent hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower:

The Hyaluronic acid fills and heals hair fiber wounds from within. As a result, a uniform, deeply nourished cuticle.
This ultra concentrated acid strengthens hair. As a result, future breakage is prevented.

Edelweiss flower is rich in anti oxidants and because of this, it is great to protect hair against daily damage.
It also great to softens and calms sensitized hair fibers.

How to use

As a heat protection serum. Take 2 to 4 pumps of product and then spread through hair down to tips.

Next, comb to evenly distribute product and finally proceed with heat styling.

As a frizzy hair treatment. Apply to dry hair as a finishing touch to tame frizz and boost hair shine.

As a overnight treatment. Apply to hair before bed. Next, simply let the hyaluronic acid for hair and the other active ingredients finally regenerate sensitized hair fibers overnight.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer White

My colorist said it made my hair too white. I did like the smoothness it provided though

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