R+CO DREAMHOUSE Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray


DREAMHOUSE Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray x 89 ml by R+CO

E+CO DREAMwave spray brightens your hair, protects from uv damage + enhances natural waves.

Protect hair from the elements, brighten your hair colour and accentuate natural waves with our multi-tasking hero.

This lightweight mist combines three phases of high performing ingredients to deliver multiple benefits in one beautiful mist.

Infused with lightweight oils and extracts to activate waves, protect and strengthen strands and enhance highlights.


Recommended for

Anyone looking for beach-ready hair; from textured waves to brightened hair colour plus UV protection.


How to use

Shake well before use. Spray freely, dry naturally, style and wear. 


Cold Pressed Watermelon Seed Oil, lightweight oil imparts hydration + provides antioxidant protection.

Jackfruit Extract, helps texturize hair, improve luster + strengthen strands. Rich in Vitamin A for antioxidant protection.

Turmeric Root Extract, delivers shine, helps texturize hair + is high in antioxidants to protect from environmental aggressors + UV damage.

Red Algae Extract, rich in vitamins, minerals + amino acids to protect + hydrate hair.

Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, no parabens, no mineral oils, no petrolatum


Fragrance: Stars Align - Like the moment dusk hits - with notes of Deep Palo Santo, White Cedarwood, Smoky Tobacco Leaf, Fresh Pine Needles, Waterlily


Francais: Spray pour ondulations au melon d’eau DREAMHOUSE R+CO

Le spray multitâche DREAMHOUSE accentue les ondulations, hydrate, protège les cheveux des rayons UV et des agressions environnementales tout en rehaussant la couleur. 

Son cocktail d’huiles, de minéraux et d’extraits de hautement performants, offre une protection et une brillance majeure et visible. 

  • Pour tous les types de cheveux
  • Protection UV
  • Sans parabènes
  • Sans sulfates
  • Végane
  • Non-testé sur les animaux

Fragrance : Aux notes de Palo Santo, bois de cèdre blanc, feuille de tabac fumé, aiguilles de pin fraîches et nénuphar.

Agitez avant d’utiliser. Vaporisez légèrement et laissez sécher à l’air libre.

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