REVITA High Performance Hair Stimulating Conditioner for Thinning Hair


REVITA High Performance Hair Stimulating Conditioner for Thinning Hair x 205 ml by DS LABORATORIES

Men and women concerned about hair loss or thinning hair treat themselves to Revita® Conditioner, because this high-performance hair-stimulating conditioner exerts powerful resistence to male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia).

Beyond its conditioning benefits — body, texture, shine — Revita Conditioner works to strengthen hair and boost density. Its premium hair-stimulation compounds are associated with faster hair growth and new hair regrowth after episodes of hair loss.

  • Conditioner for stronger, fuller hair

    Premium amino acids, botanical extracts, and other key compounds in Revita Conditioner for thinning hair make it the optimal leave-in treatment for users who want stronger, fuller hair.

  • Advanced bio-adhesive technologies

    Bio-adhesive properties designed into the hair-stimulating conditioner help key compounds to persist on hair and scalp for at least 12 hours after rinsing to optimize hair growth.


  • Greater volume, smoother texture
  • Increased length, strength, resistance
  • More persistent treatment
  • World-class ingredients technology
  • Stem Cell Extract
  • Combats the effects of aging

 Best Results using in combination with Revita Shampoo

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