Balmain and Iconic Hair Products

The to-go-to hair care of the stars and fashion models.

Appealing sunsets, suggestive locations, outrageous outfits, but most of all glamorous hairstyles.

Living on this planet for just a few years and you are certain to know that good hair just doesn’t happen naturally.

Or not, unless we spent a whole mid summer afternoon laying on the beach club La Scogliera in Positano, after a quick swim and letting the hair air dry under the scorching sun.

Hopefully, the natural chunky beach waves look is also the look you were aiming for.

On photo shoot locations, savvy hands dispense cascades dense hair products on models, actresses, vips’s hair that thirsty looking followers will then try to recreate at home.

If you are lucky (or liked?), hashtagged down the lines you’ll find a hint of what give this -normally not so flattering to the eyes- model to give them such the “iconic look”.

Perhaps, if we were still in the 90s the “from disco to disco look” was some hair gel left on a coffee table ecstatically sipping rum and coke on a couch with unappealing-to-the-next-door-neighbour  laughters in front of 90210 before heading out with a bunch of friends on a Friday night in our very late teen years.

Fast forward to the early 2020s, we need something more. We want to look like them, but we want to be us. And we want them -rightfully so- to wanting to be like us. Or better, us! But they can’t. Why? Because we have real lives to attend and they don’t. Because we want to look good effortlessly every day going to work, and not just for a glamorous photo shoot in front of flashing lights. Real life is flashing lights.

Let’s find out what hair products we need, that movie stars, singers and celebrity in general use for their looks.


Balmain Overnight Repair Serum

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Overnight Repair Serum

After a day full of swimming, tanning and partying, the best way of taking care of your hair is by sleeping and letting the Overnight Repair Serum do its thing. You will wake up with soft and repaired hair, visibly improved by the natural oils and extracts. It is also the perfect frizz and split end protector.

USE: Use as an intensive overnight treatment for soft and shiny hair the next day. Apply 2-3 drops (depending on the length and thickness of your hair) to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply gently through towel dry or dry hair. Protect your pillow with a towel during the night. Rinse out thoroughly the next morning and wash the hair as normal.

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Balmain Leave in Conditioner

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Leave-in Conditioning Spray

A summer essential formulated with protective UV-filters. This spray will also help untangle the hair and make sure to smooth the hair cuticles, leaving the hair shiny and conditioned.

USE: Just spray it, divide he hair to comb through it and leave it on with no need to rinse, perfect for a busy summer day.

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Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray

Balmain Hair Couture Texturizing Salt Spray

The sea salt-based spray is an excellent product to add definition and texture to your hair, as well as providing flexible hold and control, which is particularly important to achieve any summer hairstyle. It is also humidity resistant, so it is perfect for the most heated conditions.

USE: Spray lightly to damp hair roots to give support or to dry hair to add texture. Blow-dry the hair for a full bodied hairstyle with maximum hold.

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Balmain Texturizing Volume Spray

Balmain Hair Couture Texturizing Volume Spray

To keep the hair up when there is no time for a full blowout, the Texturizing Volume spray ensures an instant root lift with a strong hold or the ultimate volume throughout the day.

USE: Shake well before use. Shake vell and spray from a distance of 15 20 cm | 7 8 " onto the roots of damp/dry hair.

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Taking care of your hair but also of the planet

The Balmain Hair Couture Care & Styling collection is vegetarian, and no animals are harmed during the process of deriving ingredients such as Silk and Cashmere.

All hair care bottles are made of 100% recyclable HDPE plastic. Balmain Hair Couture works with suppliers that are sustainable or willing to change to sustainable production and green materials.

During the summer 80% of the Care & Styling collection is produced in a solar power-driven factory. For all shipments of orders to customers, recyclable cartons are being used.