How to stimulate hair growth, hair experts approved

We are sure the number of times you’ve walked along someone on the street and been absolutely stunned by the fabulousness of their hair thinking something along the lines of “the lucky ones…good genes” cannot be counted on the fingers of your hands.

We can’t help but wonder, is gorgeous hair simply the result of genetics or could it be because of something else? We are certain that genes can of course play The important role in hair type, the texture and its strength, hair shine and a multitude of other health-related results cannot come so easy and effortlessly.

To stimulate hair growth and turn it into healthy lustre from scalp all the way to ends, we recommend - and mostly the experts - to add in some great hair products to your routine, boost your diet and eradicate unhealthy habits. How? Here the recommendations.

The science backing and focusing on hair growth

What makes the hair? The hair fiber is comprised by three segments – shaft, root and follicle.

The shaft is in fact what we can see and call “the hair”. A follicle is a very small pit where the root of the hair inhabit.

At its foot, there is the papilla that links blood arteries to the roots, stimulating cell reproduction, and providing subsistence.

Hair growth will happen in the follicle, where rods of new cells proceed upwards.

As they move from the origin of nutrients, they slowly will die and turn into keratin protein.

One of the main purposes of keratin is to reinforce the fibre and create hair durability.

The science behind hair growth Instagram photo example

Stimulate hair growth with essential oils

In nature we can find many cures for several health problems, including hair issues.

Either it is an irritated or dry scalp, flakiness of dandruff, elevated porosity, or one of many other hair frustrations we are faced with, several times the answer is in hair products or treatments with ingredients that are naturals.

Plant oils, butter and herbal extract restore and thicken hair while softening the cuticle and assist with hydration.

Additionally, certain essential oils like Monoi and Sunflower are crucial for defend the hair in time of heat exposure, enhancing the hair’s natural defences and delivering moisturizing agents.

The best way to turn your hair healthy and encourage its growth, chose a premium product where high performance is assured!

In a 2014 study is demonstrated how the use of peppermint oil in products can promote the follicle and stimulate and enhance hair growth.

Peppermint has been used for hundreds of years due to its revitalizing, calming, and alleviating properties on the scalp.

Something to think about when you are on your way to some good ol’ shopping.

Include a massage to your scalp on hair washing days

We can always add a little bit of TLC towards our scalp and skin as it is after all the place where the hair growth happens.

The vast majority of hair problems start right at the roots.

Therefore a scalp in good shape equals to a healthy shaft (that is except if the hair suffered chemical of heat damage).

As of now unfortunately there aren’t quite sufficient studies to officially declare that scalp massages improve the health of the hair and sub sequentially hair growth, both a 2016 and 2019 research demonstrated that as a result, the strands are left thicker strands and keep hair loss somehow balanced.

Nevertheless, we can presume that scalp massages during hair washing can revive blood vessels in charge of follicle nurturing.

Devote a handful of minutes of your hair wash routine to a delicate scrub rub will efficiently enhance the absorption of nutrients, root reinforcing, and blissful unwinding.

Also, if you have a partner or a hair stylist who can execute the massage, why not indulge and carve out a moment of relaxation in our busy lives?

Kevin Murphy Scap Spa Collection hair products

Taking care of your scalp is just as important as taking care of your hair. It only takes a few extra minutes but it makes a big difference. Instagram image source.

Carve out a couple of minutes from your hair washing regime to indulge in a much needed and relaxing scalp massage will soothe and intensely clean your hair and its roots, while invigorate the capilars, increasing blood stream to the scalp.

Balanced diet = Balanced scalp = Healthy Hair

A well-balanced diet is surely the fastest way to optimize metabolism and health in general.

Speeding up some processes can definitely occur by taking vitamins and supplements, but nothing can compare to Mother Earth taking its time.

Lots of minerals and vitamins that stimulates hair growth can be added to the system just with the regular intake of food.

Did you know that healthy fats (Omega-3) are the natural source that can only be found in food? Omega-3 is of upmost importance when it comes to the stimulation and promotion of circulation in our scalps.

For that reason, food rich in proteins and vitamins deriving from a healthy diet will have your hair look -and feel - absolutely fantastic because, as the title of this paragraph already suggested, a healthy diet does mean and results in healthy hair.

Hair trims regularly can help with growth.

Regular haircuts and maintenance trims will definitely help you reach that healthy look while prevents split ends and damage to the hair.

t is not directly relate with this symptoms but will definitely help.

Considering that hair growth is part of a process and present different stages, the ends of the hair might get weaker, dull and lifeless with time passing.

When not using quality hair products, that use harsh ingredients, that insufficient moisture and hydration (moisture external, hydration internal = good hair products for external moisture the hair, drinking plenty of water to keep your skin, scalp and hair hydrated), heat styling, sun damage and chemical / colouring processes will results in brittleness and split-ends.

If not cut off in time, split-ends will go all the way up your strands, injuring it more. Hair that look poorly maintained and unhealthy is an easy fix just by cutting those split ends, book a trim today if you don’t get one at the very least every 3-4 months.

The hair strand should increase about 0.5 inches per month, however split ends damage will travel much faster.

The key is preventing split-ends expansion and trim the hair at least three times in the course of a year. This will ensure your hair looks voluptuous, fuller but most of all, healthy.

Hair trims regularly can help with growth example on Instagram photo

Things that are bad for your hair so please, avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately, you will definitely have to come to terms with factors out of your control that will damage your hair and slow down the hair growth almost on a daily basis.

Mechanical (harsh pillow case, or drying towel), lightening and chemical processes, heat styling, sun / uv damage and pollution consist in our everyday life.

While trying to limiting exposure or processes to any of these, it’s impossible to avoid them completely.

In order to a better hair growth, health and protecting the hair shaft, it’s very important to try to mitigate, if not completely eradicate, external elements that will affect your scalp, follicle, shaft per example:

  • Hair products that contain parabens and sulphates,
  • A diet that is not balanced and healthy
  • Drinking, smoke and an environment that contains pollution,
  • Avoiding using products that include heat protection when blow-drying and flat ironing or curling,
  • Harsh and not professional hair dyes,
  • Extended sun exposure,
  • General stress,
  • Hard water (ex. water in Toronto is harder than other cities), sea water, chlorine, bleach, iodine…

In the end

Aside from your hair situation at the moment, great and lasting results take time to accomplish.

Stimulating your hair growth is not and will not happen in a week or two. Hair comes in different forms, textures, colours and each and every one of them has a multitude of demands.

Please, don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results happen overnight.

You can’t address and focus on one problem at a time when it comes to hair issues as most of them might be interconnected (see diet, environmental stressors, hair products used…)

Don’t expect results yesterday if you start by focusing only on one thing at the time. If you change your diet, also get a better shampoo

If you change your pillow case to silk, also change your hair towel when drying your hair and use heat protection when blow-drying etc…

The most efficient way to stimulate hair growth is to do the right hair product choice, avoid heat and chemical damage, while changing your diet habits and hair upkeep.

Consistency and perseverance are definitely key and believe us, you will get the most out of your hair the effort you have put into it.

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