Dry Winter Hair? The Hair Masks Edit

The best hair masks to keep your hair moisturized and looking healthy this winter.

Every winter we promised ourselves that next year we’ll take better care of our hair.


Keeping them healthy and moisturized with weekly hair masks, hair treatments and regular visits to the hair salon so, when spring comes, we won’t be looking like our hair has left us for lethargy in the North Pole.


When we’ve finally decided to get go ahead and shop for a hair mask we are faced with a multitude of hair masks that promise to keep our hair moisturized, healthy and nourished during all winter.


But what are the best hair masks?


We have done a little bit of research for you and wrote down the most efficient and best selling hair masks on the market right now.



BALMAIN Hair Couture Moisturizing Repair Mask


BALMAIN Hair Couture Moisturizing Repair Mask


This mas is an actual intensive hair treatment safe to use both on natural or colour-treated hair.


It promises to deeply nourish, hydrate and conditions your hair for an incredibly smooth and silky effect.


Enveloping the hair fibre for extra strength to  repair and also reducing mid-length breakage and split ends.


It is designed for winter hair that is in need for extra nourishment and TLC.


Yaaas to replenish dry, brittle and over-processed hair.



ORIBE Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque


ORIBE Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque


Please, treat your curls right. It’s winter!


This is Oribe most moisturizing mask.

Drenched with coconut and almond oils.


Cue your thirsty curls to hydrate, of course! and  prevent further hair breakage and repair damage and split ends.


Your hair will be silky, hydrated and looking healthier than ever this winter.



KEVIN MURPHY Hydrate.Me Masque


KEVIN MURPHY Hydrate.Me Masque


For all medium to thick hair - natural or coloured - this heavier-in-the-good-way mask injects dry hair with a boost of intense hydration.


Kevin Murphy came to the rescue this winter, with a mask that not only hydrated, but repairs and smooths thirsty locks.


A treatment to deliver hydration and moisture for hair that has indeed been exposed to harsh, dry climates. Canadians anyone?


With a sophisticated formulation that features vitamin, micro-capsules, releasing upon contact.


Leaves your hair deeply conditioned from root to ends.



Iles Formula Hair Mask Haute Performance


 Iles Formula Hair Mask Haute Performance


Iles formula is definitely one of the best luxury haircare brands out there thanks to its all clean vitamin-packed formulas.


This hair mask Haute Performance by Iles Formula is a luxurious cocktail of clean, raw and virgin ingredients.


Infused with vitamins.

Deliver superb scalp care and nurtures and strengthens your strands without ever weighing the hair down.


Pure magic!