Hydrate Me Wash Shampoo by Kevin Murphy: winter dry hair remedy!

Winter has come, so have dry hair. The solution? Hydrate me wash shampoo by Kevin Murphy.


We all know how bad and frustrating winter months can be on our mood and dry lips.


The harsh cold, the snow and worst of it all: dry hair!


No worries, Kevin Murphy is coming to the rescue while bringing lots of hydrating nourishment to your hair.


Hydrate Me Wash Shampoo Kevin Murphy

 Hydrate Me Wash Shampoo by Kevin Murphy


If you have medium to thick hair, this is the perfect solution to your dry hair nightmares.

Not only during winter months, but all year around!


Hydrate-Me.Wash Shampoo is infused with kakadu plum ethically sourced from deep in in the Australian forest.


Kakadu plum extract nourish the hair fibre while replenishing it with the right nutrients while infusing a great amount of moisture in each strands.


After each wash, your hair is left completely hydrated, clean and with a phenomenal light scent of sexiness and goodness.


If you hair is really dry or thick, we recommend to double wash it (two shampoos and rinses) each time on your hair wash day for total hydration that lasts on a cold and dry winter day.


Always remember to follow with the right hydrating conditioner or conditioning hair mask for that extra moisture and nutrients your hair lacks lots during winter months.


Two fantastic products to combact hair dryness by Kevin Murphy are:


  • Hydrate-Me.Rinse Conditioner and
  • Hydrate-Me.Masque


The rinse, is simply to be used after each shampoo as a normal conditioner for dry hair.


Start by applying the conditioner from mid lengths to ends, let it sink for 1 minute, then gently rinse out completely.


For the Hydrate-Me.Masque, use at least once a week depending on your hair thickness.


It’s great if you wash your hair twice a week, alternate the conditioner to the mask.


If you find that once a week is simply not enough moisture, then you can try to use it 2 a week.


Remember, just like the conditioner, start by applying it from mid length to ends, but leave on for 2-3 minutes, then gently rinse out completely.


If you wash your hair everyday, you can use it twice a week.


But if you find that your hair is still not moisturized enough, you may be washing your hair too often and try to bring it down to just one day yes, one day no wash.


If you find that your hair gets weighed down, then only do one shampoo, and one conditioner when you’re going out and hair mask only once a week on a day/night off where the hair can be left down and unwinding just like you do.


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