What is the best Kevin Murphy Shampoo?

When deciding on purchasing new high quality hair products opting for a Kevin Murphy shampoo is definitely a no brainer.

The high performing cruelty-free brand created by the celebrity and editorial sessions hair stylist Kevin Murphy has been finally available in Canada for the past few years.

What makes the perfect choice for a Kevin Murphy shampoo is the combination of active highest natural ingredients, used with the same philosophy of skin care, sourced all over the world from companies with organic growing practices or with ecologically wild harvesting practices.

A Kevin Murphy shampoo is designed to convey performance, as a result hair is left moisturizer, strong, weightlessly voluminous and with great longevity.

Vitamins, amino acids and the finest extracts from exotic ingredients deliver moisture that is weightless, like orange blossom, baobab, bamboo and Peruvian Bark. Antioxidants galore help minimize risk of further breakage, damage repair caused by chemical processes or heat styling tools.

Because of this specific results is not uncommon to find an eclectic list of ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Orchid, Lotus Flower, Desert Lime and Immortelle plant in a Kevin Murphy shampoo.

As there are solutions for all hair types, it may take a little bit of research and time but you will for sure find your next best shampoo easily, simply by carefully looking through the whole range of high performing Kevin Murphy Washes available in Canada.

When deciding what to bring in the shower on your hair wash day, you may want to consider several factors and ask yourself a few questions that will make your quest a bit more bearable. Generally the results your are expecting from a shampoo equals the effort you’ve put into researching how good it is for your hair and how beneficial it’s ingredients can be to your hair.

Below, we have written a list of all the Kevin Murphy Shampoos (or how the brand calls them “Washes”) highlighting their top benefit and for which hair type they are intended for.

If you are new to the brand, don’t have their products name confuse you, as they are meant to bring a little bit of fun to your bathroom and they are quite catchy and intuitive if you read behind the lines.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Angel WashAngel Wash is the Kevin Murphy shampoo for coloured, fine hair types that are looking to restore the health and appearance of the hair fiber while adding volume. Plus it smells angelic, what else to ask for from a shampoo?

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Balancing WashBalancing Wash will be your new daily best friend if you are looking to strengthen the hair, balance an oily scalp and if you wash your hair daily. Can be used if you shampoo every day coloured or non-coloured hair.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Blonde Angel WashBlonde Angel Wash is the to go to for healthy looking blondes that are concerned about brassiness and love a purple shampoo to keep care of their blondes and enhance the longevity or a toner for blonde highlights. Once again, an angelic divine scent for you to enjoy on your wash day.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Everlasting Colour WashEverlasting Colour Wash is the newest arrival to the collection and it is a high performing colour protecting shampoo with Ph sealing technology. It will make your hair colour radiance last longer and make your hair feel great. Good to use on all hair types.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Hydrate Me WashHydrate Me Wash is the to go to for natural or coloured, medium to thicker hair types in need of moisture and where dry is the first word coming to mind when touching your hair. The best seller Kevin Murphy shampoo in the whole range.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Maxi WashMaxi Wash to be used once a week or whenever you feel that product build up, or extra oiliness that simply needs to go away. For all hair types, natural or coloured, follow by your regular shampoo as a second wash when using this.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Plumping WashPlumping Wash is a best selling shampoo that amps up your hair and makes it look thicker instantly. Great for fine and thinning hair and it smells fantastic. Safe to use on coloured hair like all Kevin Murphy shampoo.

Kevin Murphy Shampoo Repair Me WashRepair Me Wash As the name implies this is a product specifically design to repair, restore and strengthen dry and brittle hair. Damaged chemically by highlights, balayage etc and also by heat styling tools. Chickpeas proteins help revert damage making your hair feel great infused with the most addictive scent.

Kevin Murphy shampoo Scalp Spa WashScalp Spa Wash a purifying micellar foaming shampoo that will make your scalp feel like never before. Great hair starts from the scalp! Use this at least once a week prior to your regular Kevin Murphy shampoo of choice. Safe to use on all hair types, with or without colour.

Kevin Murphy shampoo Smooth Again WashSmooth Again Wash is the right choice if your hair is thick, coarse and needs a little bit of discipline. This shampoo will smooth your hair for an amazing shiny smoothing look. Infusing it with an amazing scent.

Kevin Murphy shampoo Stimulate Me WashStimulate Me Wash is a great shampoo for men that take as much care of their hair as they do with their scalp. Refreshing, takes away itchiness to the scalp occurring from time to time and stimulate hair regeneration. Black pepper will bring a fresh sensation that last.

Kevin Murphy shampoo Young Again WashYoung Again Wash is fantastic to use on natural grey hair that needs extra vitality, vitamins and proteins but also amazing on highlighted hair when in need or that little pick me up. Infused with immortelle plant known for its regenerating proprieties. Great to use as a restorative and softening shampoo as well as anti ageing.

As you can tell from this list there is a Kevin Murphy shampoo that covers all hair types available in Canada today and that make thousands of satisfied fan of the brand rave about it. This best sellers are the best choice for someone who is looking to revamp or enhance their looks, starting from their hair.

Hair is something that we see, feel and touch every day so, just like a good moisturizer is for skin care, a good shampoo if for hair care.

We hope this comprehensive list will help discover and find the best shampoo for your hair.

Browse and discover products that will be your best friends for a lifetime. Cruelty free, environmentally friendly and sourced responsibly.

The whole Kevin Murphy hair care line awaits you.

For more information about the products or the whole list of ingredients, you can refer directly to the Kevin Murphy main brand website.