Spectral DNC-N: the best solution for thinning hair in Canada

Spectral DNC-N rates #1 solution for thinning hair in Canada!


With the overwhelming variety of self proclaimed best hair loss and thinning hair solutions available on the market nowadays in Canada it’s hard to decide which one to go with.

If you have been dealing with premature and mature hair fall and shedding lately, know that you are not alone.

Hair loss and hair thinning affect every year thousands of Canadians from in every Province both men and women.

Thanks to DS Laboratories it is possible to prevent further hair loss and hair thinning by adding a few hair products to your daily routine.

As you may already know, DS Laboratories is the number 1 brand chosen by users.


Thanks mainly to their award winning Revita shampoo and its recommended following by top dermatologists.

Thanks to its proprietary formula encapsulated in Nanosome Delivery System technology, suitable to all hair types and free of sulfates and parabens, helps maintain scalp vitality and support stronger hair that are visibly thicker.

To boost the effect of the shampoo and for a more topical and focused use, DS Laboratories launched Spectral DNC-N with Nanoxidil 5% serum complex.

Spectral dnc-n results Canada

Spectral-DNC-N is a drug-free alternative developed by DS Labs with a low molecular weight that enhances the absorption therefore its efficacy, and takes action directly on to the scalp and hair.

Furthermore, this water-based formula is delivered with ingredients of the highest quality making it the perfect companion for whom has been experiencing hair shedding.

In about 90 days, the hair appears fuller, denser and thicker.

Finally, the peak arrives at about 180 days of continuous usage, with daily dose recommended by top dermatologists.

Scalp hair coverage is maximized and improved, leaving a visible difference on your all over head appearance.



What to expect during the first month of use of Spectral dnc-n?

Application its fast and easy, making hair styling also easier and quick in the morning.

Scalp irritation does not occur with this hair serum, that is non greasy nor sticky.

The water based formula is the best friend of blow dryers or simply air dry.

Best results are seen, depending on the individual, between 2 to 3 and 4 months of continuous use.

Like all good things, perseverance and patience are key.

You can learn more about the thinning hair serum and buy in Canada.