All the benefits of Young Again Oil by Kevin Murphy

Young Again Oil is a luxurious hair oil by Kevin Murphy created to benefit all hair types.

Ready to nourish your hair, while taking out frizz and adding extra shine?

Young again does all of this and much more.

Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil

The hair oil is infused with the highly hydrating and nutritions immortelle plant extract.

The immortelle is a plant with anti-ageing properties that can survive 10 years without water.

Releasing rejuvenating nutrients to your hair from the inside-out.

Perfect for dry hair in need of that extra hydration all year long and especially during those long Canadian winter months.

For the love of God, no need to wear a hat all winter!

You will be wanting to show your hair all the time thanks to the added shine, and non greasy lightweight frizz control of Young Again.

This Kevin Murphy oil leaves your hair smooth, soft, looking healthy and shiny.

And, use after use, hair is left rejuvenated and moisturized.


The oil also offers heat protection against styling tool damage, and is perfect to revive ageing or damaged hair and protecting from environmental stressors.


This is a true gem for damaged ends, plus it smells heavenly.


Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil Benefits

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How to use the Young Again Oil Kevin Murphy?


As for all hair oils, less is more, so start by adding half dime of oil in one palm of your hand.


Next, put both of your palms together and massage gently between hands to distribute the product and make it more diluted and ready to be applied.


Follow by adding a strand of hair in between palms from mid lengths to ends.


Then, if necessary, add more oil in your palms if you feel your hair is absorbing it quickly.


Finally, make sure all the oil is  absorbed from your palms.


If any left over residue remains in your palms and your hair feels hydrated enough, massage in onto your hands and forearms for an indulgent skin hydration or, wash your hands normally to remove the product.