Spread the Love with Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love Is in the Hair!

Love is in the hair - Valentine's gift guide hair products

Valentine's Day is a great reminder to spend time with loved ones and show them our appreciation.

But it is also a time we can dedicate to showing ourselves a little extra love. 

Wondering what to gift that special someone in your life or how to elevate your much-needed time of self-care?

Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide has been curated with pampering in mind.


Oribe Valley of Flowers Eau de Parfum

Oribe Valley of Flowers Eau de Parfum

Take me to a place I've never been.

Lose yourself in the Valley of Flowers. Wander into a vibrant field in full flower. Fresh notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine petals and peony blossoms soften into a trail of warm amber, textured woods and creamy musk. Oh, so irresistible!

To be used on both body and hair!


Iles Formula Hair + Body Wash with Sponge

 Iles Formula Hair and Body Sponge Gift Idea Valentine Day

A sublime scent of white tea leafs extracts and Sicilian bergamot are about to enter your bathroom.

Half of a pump on the special sponge activated with the contact of water is all you need to infuse your body with an indulgent lather.


Oribe Desertland Scented Candle

Oribe Desertland Scented Candle

Transform your atmosphere into the warm air of a green, blooming desert.

Oribe scented candle opens with bright, crisp notes of juniper berry and aromatic lavender wrapped in sunstruck pine and Texas cedarwood, capturing both the sandy heat of the day and cool vastness of the still night.


Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Treatment

Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Treatment

This is the perfect self-care gift for yourself or your loved one: everyone needs 10 minutes to relax and treat the scalp at the same time.


Oribe Desertland Body Wash

Oribe Desertland Replenishing Body Wash

Step into a mystical green desert 🌵 every time you set foot in the shower 🚿 

Finally the perfect gift to stimulate all of the senses!


Balmain Silk Hair Perfume

 Balmain Silk Hair Perfume

Straight from the most exhilarating fashion runways of Paris to your daily hair routine.

Bring subtle sexiness and glamour in just a few spritz. And it revitalizes hair in an instant.



Oribe Côte d’Azur Polishing Body Scrub

 Oribe Body Scrub Canada

Winter is the perfect time to exfoliate, and even better before your date caresses your skin on Valentine’s Day.

Just dip one finger in and out of the Côte D’Azur scrub and that’s all you need to be taken to the iconic French Destination.



Hair by Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo

 Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo Hair by Sam McKnight

Some days we are just lazy or have absolutely no time to spare. Also, it’s really cold out and can’t let hair dry.

This is when we need the best dry shampoo handy. Plus it comes with a modern and chic scent. You’ll be obsessed.


Oribe Côte d’Azur Hand Soap Bar

Oribe Hand Soap Canada 

Stay healthy and take care of your hands but make it luxurious!

Transport your senses once again when in the bathroom and take the scent with you in your hands all day. 



Oribe Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque

ORIBE Hair Alchemy Masque

We love good hair not just on a Valentines date, but every day!

Recharge with the ultimate treatment for longer and stronger hair. 3 times reduction in breakage after just one use! Now, we like that, a lot!