The Best R+CO Hair Products

We all love R and Co hair products because they make us look fantastic while using sustainable and sulphate free formulas and without breaking the bank.


R and co was born from a collective of hair stylist that came together with a vision, creating wonderful and accessible hair products.


Nowadays their products cater to all kind of hair needs.


From the everyday consumer that just likes to have treat themselves with a great scent shampoo, sulfate-free shampoo to the rock star that is rocking hair on set of the fashion week editorials.


The brand comes out regularly with new products and formulas to solve everyone’s hair dilemma but a few stand out particularly for their performance and easy of use.


Let’s find out what are the best R and Co products and why they are great for our hair.



R+Co Dallas thickening spray


R+CO Dallas Thickening Spray


In Texas - and particularly in Dallas - everything is big.


When they say go big or go home, it’s something that certainly applies while there.


In R and Co nothing is left to fate, so that is white Dallas Thickening Spray means big hair, thicker locks, plump up the volume.


Lift those roots honey!


This is the best companion for hair that needs that little extra help to scream look at me, I’m here, get out of the way, I’m coming!


You get the point. Just a few spritz and va-va-voom!



High Dive moisture & shine crème 


R+CO High Dive Shine and Moisture Creme


Dive deep in hydration and high shine with this moisturizing cream.


With a formulation capable of smoothing and sealing the hair cuticle while calming down frizz and leaving a soft touch.


For hair styles that down require hold, great for day to day hair.


Curls and wavy hair love this!



Ring Tone ultra defining gel cream

R+CO Ringtone Ultra Defining Gel


Ring Tone Ultra Defining Gel Cream is a curl-defining gel creme that provides a long-lasting hold to enhance the beauty of curls.


It adds shine to hair, making it smooth and resistant to humidity.


Its unique formula is the perfect tool to lock in the desired look throughout the day.




Cactus Texturizing Shampoo


R+CO Cactus Texturizing shampoo


CACTUS Texturizing shampoo is the perfect solution for amazing, texturized hair.


With easy-to-use texture and the ability to skip conditioner, you'll have robust second-day hair with minimal effort and maximum results.



Rodeo Star

R+CO Rodeo Star Thickening Foam


Thickening Style Foam is the perfect product for creating dramatic volume in fine to medium hair.


Its unique non-sticky formula lifts and adds natural-feeling density with lasting hold, leaving you with the beautiful style you want.


Experience a voluminous hair transformation with RODEO STAR. 


With a natural-feeling, non-sticky formula that instantly adds density and lifts fine to medium hair.


For dramatic volume that'll make heads turn.


With this easy-to-use foam, you'll be ready to take on the world.





R+CO Waterfall Moisture and Shine Lotion


Experience the luxurious feel of healthy, glossy hair with R+CO Waterfall moisture + shine lotion.


Designed to keep your locks hydrated and vibrant, this light lotion is ideal for maintaining the natural shine of fine to medium hair.


Let Waterfall help you show off your best self.




Cool Wind


R+CO Cool Wind Air Dry Cream


Looking for an easy way to manage frizz and create styles without the fuss of hot styling tools


COOL WIND helps you get the look you want with effortless results.


Get perfect control and frizz-free locks without the time and trouble of hot styling tools.


This ph perfect air cry crème provides superior control over frizz, allowing you to achieve styles without the effort of styling with hot tools.


Featuring natural ingredients, R+CO COOL WIND helps rehydrate and condition your hair, leaving it manageable and controlled for up to 24 hours.




R+CO Dart Pomade Stick


A revolutionary new styling tool that tames flyaways, sculpts and polishes your hair.


DART helps you get professional style results in minutes.


Forget flyaways, bad hair days, and limp strands - experience the power of DART to go and always carry it in your purse for style perfection and picture-perfect hair everywhere!



To find out more about R+CO hair products ingredients and how to use them, please visit the official r+co website.