Thinning Hair SOS - The Ultimate Anti Hair Loss Routine

Have you tried everything against thinning hair and hair loss? Think again. 

If you, like me, have been struggling for years with hair loss and thinning hair in general, I will share with you my new routine that in 3 months will literally save your hair (and head).

My routine is pretty simple, although involves 5 products, that of course with my busy schedule at the salon won't use all at the same time every day. Adding to my already extensive skin care routine that I follow each week, would be impossible for me to get out of the house on time each day for work.

With the quarantine still in place, this is the perfect time to start getting used to this routine so, when we'll all be able to go back to our "new normal" lives, it will be so easy to keep up with it as your new routine.


In the shower, the first product I always use is the shampoo. This is because I don't want to wash all of my body and then apply shampoo and have residues going on my face and not wash it out properly so to avoid irritation and leaving the shower with shampoo on my face.

The shampoos that I choose when I need to go out in public are 2:

the REVITA Shampoo for thinning hair by DS.Laboratories and

the Plumping.Wash by Kevin.Murphy

The first, REVITA, is the perfect shampoo that will actually help you combat thinning hair and hair loss. I leave it on for a minute or 2 and then rinse it out.

The second, Plumping.Wash, is the one that also helps you with thinning hair, but in a minimal way, but not as much powerful as the Revita. So why to I use it? Just like the name says, it is a plumping shampoo, so it will give you body and plump, so will help having your hair looking denser.

After the 2 shampoos, I simply proceed with the conditioner:

the REVITA Conditioner for thinning hair by DS.Laboratories

It is simply a miracle conditioner. It makes your hair nice and soft and actually helps you with thinning hair and preventing more hair loss. Can't do without it. Men out there that don't use conditioner, please reconsider. The shampoos are charged positively, and conditioners negatively, so using the conditioner will help calm down those annoying hair that sticks up and won't go down even with hair products. Simply use it, and thank me later.

- Out of the shower.

Once I finish my shower and dried my hair gently with a clean and soft towel

- please do not rub too much on your hair, friction makes them fall and breaks them too, you can blow-dry if you have more hair then I do, but I really don't so the towel is perfectly fine -

I proceed with a spray that will make your hair appear thicker, but also help make them stronger, the spray is:

The Serene Scalp Thickening Treatment by Oribe

definitely the best styling product for my hair type. Thin, short and not many ahah. But is perfect for who has still long and plenty of hair but losing them or thinning, and still wants to make them appear thicker.

It is literally a life (or hair) savour when I go out in public to work, event, restaurant etc and I just want to be confident with how may hair looks.

This treatment only require a few spritz, I always to five all over the top and back of my head, - luckily it is not too watery and it doesn't run right away down my forehead. Rub it in nicely and gently for a good 20 seconds, and then style my hair as desired. The only product I can style my hair with, yes really. But it also makes your hair stronger and thicker, within 3 months of use. It claims, and it did on me luckily.


As the spray it is very light and soaks in the scalp in just a few seconds in the morning, at night I don't need to rinse it out of my hair. It doesn't leave any residues and it is not greasy.

Before bed time then, I proceed to apply one of the strongest treatments for thinning hair on the market:

the SPECTRAL-DNC-S Breakthrough Redensifying Hair Therapy by DS.Laboratories

For this one, since it has a dual nozzle spray for dual-action ingredients, I only do 3-4 spritz all over my head. It tends to drip a little on my forehead, so I tilt my head up a little when spraying. Massage it for 15-20 seconds and let if air dry for 30 more seconds and proceed to go to bed.

When I go to the gym in the evening, or I had a very sweaty day, and I take a shower, I will simply use the REVITA Shampoo and Conditioner and then proceed using the spray.

For the days I don't need to go out, I simply use in the Morning and Evening, the REVITA Shampoo and Conditioner and the DNC-S spray. I skip the Plumping.Wash and Serene Treatment Spray as I don't have to be seen in public with fuller hair.

Wasn't it easier than you thought? Thinning hair and hair loss can be treated with the right tools.

Try this program for 3 months, and you will then enjoy the benefits of it. But please, after that, do keep using at least 3 of the products mentioned in this routine, maintenance and upkeep is necessary.