The best revitalizing hair products for Spring

Winter is finally over, or at least on the calendar it is, in reality, more like dragging itself out slowly.


We are left we the fateful question how can you restore and revitalize your hair before spring arrives fully?


First, no need to panic or feeling overwhelmed with tasks. Never!


We have selected the best revitalizing hair products for end of winter and start of spring to prepare your cuticles and hair fibres to resurrect fully for the “off-the-toque season”.


We could start our routine from the scalp of course, however we cannot omit a very important step for all healthy and beauty related tips: hydration.


Keeping your body well hydrate throughout the whole day is a must in order to have beautiful hair, skin and being healthy.


So adequately for women the daily water intake is 2.7 litres (or 11.5 cups) and 3.7 litres for men (15.5 cups).


Healthy hair, always starts from the scalp so an inexpensive, yet effective, scalp scrub is a must.


R+CO Crown Scalp Scrub cleans and re-balances the scalp.

R+CO Crown Scalp Scrub cleans and re-balances the scalp.


A purifying yet soothing scrub that will detox, cleanse and fully re-balance your scalp.


Specially recommended for sensitive or oily skin types.


Start by wetting your hair with lukewarm water and massage a walnut sized amount of R+CO Crown scrub into the entire scalp until you feel the exfoliants have dissolved completely and rinse out fully. 


As a result you hair will look shiny and feel royally clean.


Next follow with a revitalizing shampoo like


BALMAIN Revitalizing Shampoo that is an intense replenishing treatment that strengthens and rebuilds the hair from within.

BALMAIN Revitalizing Shampoo


This Balmain revitalizing formula includes a great selection of vitamins E, F and P and Cashmere Protein.


The result of this combination is smooth and soft hair.


The vitamin E boosts the hair and revitalizes the strands while the vitamin F nourishes the scalp acting as a conditioner for the skin.


Next, the vitamin P works as a repairing agent to restore dry and damaged winter hair.


Finally, cashmere proteins gives a luxurious and soft feeling and will make your hair stronger since cashmere proteins comes in support to the natural protein in the hair.


As cashmere is fine in texture but strong and lightweight, will leave hair bouncy and manageable. Just what we need in the spring. And every day actually!


We cannot go on talking about hair revitalization without mentioning our favourite and best performing hair conditioner:


Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner

Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner


We will never stop to include this jewel in basically all of our posts, it’s simply fabulous and restores and revitalizes hair instantly after just one use.


It’s a 100% clean beauty conditioner, with ingredients like silk from Japan that creates an immediate voluptuous effect on your hair.


It instantly closes down the hair cuticles to create a phenomenal smooth surface.


Tucuma Palm and the seeds of Macroloba Tree, as well as 16 other sustainably sourced ingredients includes Vitamin E and B5 for total hair rejuvenation, now.


Because yes, we need it now, not tomorrow!


Our quest for the most restorative hair products couldn’t be completed without the most softening and age targeted hair mask:


Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque rich of anti oxidants and rejuvenating ingredients.

Young Again Mask Kevin murphy masque


Immortelle and Baobab Oils, Lotus Flower, Orchid Extract and a blend of nourishing Amino Acid complex which will deeply condition while helping to strengthen and repair damaged and lifeless hair.


Welcome body, bounce and an incredible shine that will make your hair look and feel YOUNG AGAIN just in time for spring!


Have you been losing hair over winter and you normally don’t over the rest of the year?


Your hair could definitely use a month worth of


DS Laboratories Spectral DNC-N as contains active ingredients capable of thickening hair shaft and fill bald spots.


DS Laboratories Spectral DNC-N


A topical treatment that doesn’t irritate the scalp and delivers great results quicker than Rogaine.


The lightweight serum formula minimizes hair shedding and will increase the appearance of your hair density, thickness, and hair volume.


Developed in Miami by dermatologist and recommended by top dermatologists around the world.