When it comes to summer hair products, less is more

With new trending regimes like skinimalism (skin care minimalism) and skin cycling taking by storm the skin care industry, we should have expected it that it the movement will start make an imprint on hair regimes.

Easy, streamlined, understated and simple, hair styles prefer little to no effort with total reward.

Plus, with the ultimate innovation in haircare, colouring and hair styling, you are now able to use as little as a routine while remaining as glamorous as ever. 

What are the tips for summer low maintenance hair care?

On the lookout to change your look in a new way, the last hair trends are totally about customized and tailored, easy to slay looks.

It’s more about effortless style than actual trendiness, how suitable the look is and how it behaves with the every day life.

We have found some few tips tho help you create a new minimize hair regime to match your new effortless style.


Search for a new look that suits you

Searching - and finding - a style that will suite not only your face shape, but also hair type and lifestyle, is a crucial in order to create a low-maintenante hair regime.

Instead of choosing for the last TikTok trend, (which are never recommended by the way) figure out ,with the help of your stylist, an haircut that you find works out for you, and just for you.

Without picturing a celebrity or instagrammers wearing it.

Your stylist will be able to design a haircut that will look both fantastic and easy to style on your own or simply letting hair dry.

Thanks to hair technicalities like texturization, adding or removing layers for more or less weight.

Everything can work in your benefit.


What about your hair colour 

When is incredibly hard to look after your hair colour maintenance, search for hair products and a solution that will make your regime easier over time.

An example:

If you were investing in in-salon root touch-ups, think about growing out your greys and using a mix of highlights and a shadow-root to blend them instead.

If you usually are getting a full head of highlights foils, perhaps considering balayage (if you are okay without being fully blonde) or going for a colour shade that is closer to the tone of your base.



Select the most performing hair products

Step number one to remember, keeping healthy hair is of utmost importance in a low maintenance hair regime.

When you attentively care for your hair, styles will fee and look much better, your colour will last for a longer time, and your natural hair texture will thrive. 

Selecting a few performing hair products according to your hair style and type is crucial for this.

Start by investing in heat protection prior to blow dry or styling and, if you are getting highlights or balayage, repair your texture with the help of some protein-based shampoos.

Also, for at-home hair treatments and essentials specialized in elongating the life of your colour such as Balmain Repair Mask, Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore ShampooIles Formula Haute Perfomance Conditioner and Kevin Murphy's Leave in Repair are recommended for hair that are colour treated.

Choosing hair products targeted to your regime, will make your whole life much easier.